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About us

Wiggins Adjustments Limited is a Licensed and Bonded Agency providing professional accounts recovery services throughout Canada and Internationally. We currently carry over $2,000,000 limited liability insurance. We are members of the International Credit Community, we are also members of the American Collectors Association and the Better Business Bureau.

Founded in 1929, Wiggins Adjustments Ltd. has operated continuously in Canada for over eighty years. Throughout its history, Wiggins has focused on: 1. technological innovation to improve efficiency 2. dedicated customer service to ensure that the needs of the client are met, and 3. the highest standards of professional ethics and conduct. These principles have earned Wiggins Adjustments Ltd. the trust and loyalty of many of Canada's largest corporations and government agencies.

1. Technological Innovation

To Improve Efficiency Wiggins Adjustments Ltd. has continually led the collection industry in Canada in the adoption of new technologies to maximize both the rate and speed of debt recovery on behalf of its clients. From our state-of-the-art predictive dialer to our computer-based, fully Web-enabled information management system, Wiggins Adjustments Ltd. offers clients the ability to connect with large numbers of debtors quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. The result is that Wiggins Adjustments Ltd. is able to achieve high rates of recovery more quickly than other collection agencies. We are focused on the belief that our clients are better served when they get paid faster.

2. Dedicated Customer Service

No collection agency in Canada is more sensitive to the "fragility of goodwill" that exists when serving public sector clients. Wiggins Adjustments Ltd. has an unmatched track record in managing large volumes of accounts on behalf of government and private businesses at all levels.

3. The Highest Standards of Professional Ethics and Conduct

As a result of our experience on government accounts, Wiggins Adjustments Ltd. is especially sensitive to the heightened need to manage all debtor contact with exemplary courtesy and professionalism. Wiggins Adjustments Ltd. collectors who are assigned to a public agency project receive additional and ongoing training in the special care and handling of debtor contacts - with a particular emphasis on respect, dignity and fairness.

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